Beef burger with cheese and whiskey sauce

Yields: 8 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 5 Mins Cook Time: 10 Mins Total Time: 15 Mins

Everyone loves a burger.
So here I am going to present you how to make a healthy burger.
Everything is cooked in your house and not with frozen meat like fastfood.
This burger is handmade with cheddar cheese.
I made it with barbecue sauce and whiskey, but if you want you can replace the sauce and also add vegetables you like.


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  • In a bowl put the ground beef 1 kg.
    Cut 1 onion in square and put it in the bowl with the meat.
    Then break 2 eggs in the bowl.
    In the end add some oregano, salt and pepper for tasty and mix well everything.
    With the hand take some composition and start making the burgers.
    First make a ball and then, presure it until will be a burger patty.
  • Sauces Preparation
  • Mix some barbecue sauce with 1 tbsp of whiskey. If you like spicy, you can mix the barbecue with some chilli. Or if you don't like barbecue sauce, you can put mayo and ketchup or only mayo. If you want spicy mayo, you can mix some mayo with some SriRacha.
  • Burger Preparation
  • The preparation is not too hard.
    All you need is burger bun, sauce, cheese, bacon, tomatoes.
    Slice a tomato in 5 pieces.
    If you like pickle you can put and pickle, or any vegetables you want.
    If you like onions, you can cut 1 small onions in square or slices and caramelise it.
    Wash well the salat leaves and fry the bacon to be crispy.
  • On a pan or grill put some oil and start to cook the burger patties. When they are almost finished, put 2 slices of cheedar cheese on top of the burger patty to melt the cheese.
    On a grill or in the oven put the bun to become crispy. Careful not to burn it.
    Put on the bottom and on the top side of the bun the sauce.
    On the bottom side of the buns, after you put the sauce put the bacon, tomato, caramelised onions and pickle if you want.
    Then put the burger patties with cheese and salad on top, and in the end put the top side of the bun with sauce.

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